Please note that this is a in general / auto-generated chart because the 'excel' really DO NOT know that it's a budget day..... This version of ‘cusp’ have charts….historical (say for a year) as well as real time intra-day….with some common TA indicators such as MACD, Signal, histogram ….RSI, Parabolic SAR…etc..etc.. So, what’s a big deal ??? all this is available everywhere ??? The difference here is……’The X-axis’. In intra-day realtime chart, the SUB / Sub-sub are added in the chart itself !!! (Google provide this data for past 15 days… ‘back-testing’ is possible for past 14 trading days) Though it’s look as a very small ‘step’… opens a way to build up many more indicators related to X-component. D/L :
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