I wish you all...............


On this day of  'VIJAYADASHMI', in 2008, this blog was started for the first time !!!

Prior to starting this blog, I had come across many TA tools and trading systems but felt that they are 'missing' something !

For any trader, a trade is simply placing 'Buy' and 'Sell' order...........

But the outcome is entirely dependent on 'TIME' only when to place 'Buy' or 'Sell'.

And unfortunately the most of the 'TA tools' or 'trading systems' have very less to offer anything precisely about 'TIME'.

An effort in this direction was initiated by means of this blog with the very first post:


Now, over a period of time, those techniques had successfully  formulated in the form of 'TIME WAVE

and  now it is possible to analyze any oncoming trends much precisely and that too well in advance !!!

This is certainly not the 'everything' that enables everyone to convert his trade into 'gains'..........

After reading the same analysis, every reader will not be able to gain equally due to influences in his own 

natal charts, so a unique system is derived 'TIMING THE TRADES' that enables everyone to plan his trades 

according to influences in his own natal chart !!!

In those four years, I had worked on those systems and analyzed huge database to put all statistic in much 

scientific form. 

Today, I can boldly say, that the 'time' spent for this work had created something 'everlasting' 

The successful analysis of running 60 day 'Time wave' well in advance itself proves that I had done 

something better than  the earlier VIJAYADASHMI TO DIWALI.

I have not decided yet whether to continue posting regularly or not, but in any case, I will be very happy and

thankful to all my readers for their support & encouragements............which was the only fuel to reach here.

Thanks, and once again, I wish you all...............


NOV 5700PE

NOV 5700 PE brought @ 75 on 18th Oct (yesterday) hit 107 high and closed @ 94.15.

Cover today as the range bound mkt for Oct exp may influence time-decay....

One may re-enter it on expiry day (25th Oct)

18/10/2012: 5,718.70

On 13th Oct, it was mentioned that nifty will bounce back and the bears will get the best levels on 18th Oct.....

So, today on 18th Oct, nifty (spot) closed at 5718.70 with a high of 5722.50 !!! 

Its the best level to enter NOV 5700PE (76.5 today's cls)

Week Ahead

Nifty all set to bounce back up to the peak of 18th Oct where the bears would find the best levels to enter shorts position ally.

Similar sub wave history in past:

In the history (post launch of trade in NF), we have already witnessed 6 such similar sub waves.

S No.    Duration (days)     Start to End pt diff     Trend wrt earlier wave     Entering next sub
1               17                             64                        Trend reversal                 Trend Continues
2               28                             17                        Earlier trend continues    Trend Continues
3               132                           52                        Trend reversal                 Trend reversal
4               115                           157                      Trend reversal                 Trend Continues
5               136                           1954                    Trend reversal                 Trend Continues
6               121                           513                      Earlier trend continues    Trend Continues
7                50                            ???                    (Possible Trend reversal)   ???

This commencing sub wave is supposed to start from 5th Oct 2012 itself and in my earlier post, I have mentioned as follows:

Oct overview:
Though the Sept ends on bullish note, it’s time to get out of ‘longs’ till Fri EOD as this Sept high in Nifty may hold till mid Nov.

Nothing could be better than judging the possible trend reversal at 52 week high !!!

The following statistical data suggests a possible trend reversal from here:

For Fri, 5th Oct 2012:

Wining chances: Bull (0%) / Bear (100%)
High/Low Diff : @ +/-  100 points in NF
Open/Close Diff: @ +/- 60 to 100 points in NF

For Mon, 8th Oct 2012:

Wining chances: Bull (40%) / Bear (60%)
High/ Low Diff: @ +/-  100 points in NF
Open / Close Diff:  @ 60 to 80 points in NF

For Tue, 9th Oct 2012:

Trend: Confirmation post noon
Wining chances: Bull (20%) / Bear (80%)
High/ Low Diff: @ +/-  100 points in NF
Open / Close Diff:  @ 60 to 100 points in NF
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