CuspM v-1

The new version of earlier excel cusp..... For any date...any time....any lat & long...KP....with dynamic update of all calculations with system time. Real time quotes from google also added. d/l:

Excel 'CUSP'

The 'Sub' & 'Sub-sub' timings used in intra-day trades were calculated using an excel since 2007-2008. I am posting the link to d/l this excel after a long time.... All planetory positions are calculated using swiss ephemeris. The ascendant & the tenth house are calculated using spherical trignometry and it is accurate upto minute. The 'Date' in D1 is editable from 1-1-2000 to 31-12-2019. This is not a complete version, and I will be adding some more astro calculations as time permits... (
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